Why Choose Saint Germain Music Studio?

Welcome to Saint Germain Music Studio!  I am thrilled that you are taking the time to read about educating your children, or maybe even yourself, in piano.

I have always wanted to create a music lesson studio of my own to educate and excite the inner musician of students young and old.  Most importantly, I want to make piano study relevant to the community.  I believe there is music in every person and through music study, we become more confident, creative, and happier human beings.

Students will encounter a fun, creative music lesson environment where piano instruction is tailored to each individual student.  My student-focused approach encourages students to develop their inner musical voice through solid fundamental studies combined with exciting music ranging from Bach to Jazz and beyond.  With ensemble playing, traditional recitals, and informal performance classes, piano study at Saint Germain Music Studio will be an exciting journey.  Let me be your guide to finding your inner musician!

What are your credentials?

I am a professional musician.  I have a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy from Saint Cloud State University and a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Southern Methodist University.  I have been refining the art of private piano teaching since 1988.

What is your teaching curriculum?

Each student is different, and I adjust the curriculum based on goals, learning styles, and natural abilities.  Each student has performance pieces, study pieces, technique, sight-reading pieces, ear training, and theory.

How long are piano lessons each week?

30 and 45 minute lessons are offered for students in the first year of study. 45 minute lessons are for students in the second year of study and beyond. This is also a great length for adults! 60 minute lessons are for the dedicated late intermediate to advanced student. Feel free to contact me if you would like a recommendation on lesson length for you or your child.

How much is tuition?

You can begin lessons for as little as $110/month!

What is included in my tuition?

August through May, tuition includes up to 34 private lessons, 2 informal “Blue Chair” performance classes, 3 studio-wide performances, all music, and a custom-tailored lesson plan for each student.

Do you offer makeup lessons?

One private make-up lesson per semester can be scheduled if notification of the absence is received before noon on the absence day.  There is a “make-up lesson week” at the end of each semester where students can come to piano on their usual day and time.

How important is attendance?

Since students are seen only once a week, attendance at every lesson is extremely important for students to grow in their understanding and appreciation of music.

Are there performance opportunities?

Saint Germain Music Studio recitals are scheduled in October, December, and May.  There are also informal “Blue Chair” performance gatherings at the studio where students can play for each other in a relaxed atmosphere.  Additional opportunities include competitions and festivals.  Performance opportunities are encouraged but never required.

Do I need a piano to begin lessons?

Yes. A tuned acoustic piano is optimal for a students’ technical and musical development. An electronic keyboard that has 88 full-size keys, weighted action, a pedal, and a proper bench will also work.

Can I enroll in lessons any time?

Yes!  Enrollment is open and ready for you to start your musical journey!

How do I enroll in piano lessons?

People who are interested in piano lessons can call or text (320) 230-0230 or email info@SaintGermainMusicStudio.com so we can set up an interview.  The primary purpose of the interview is to assess musical readiness for beginners and to determine placement for students who have studied before.  Young beginners need to bring only themselves and their parents.  Students with previous study should bring themselves, their parents, and any music that they have studied or played within the last year.  This 30-minute interview also provides us the opportunity to get acquainted, go over studio policies, and answer any questions that you may have.  This meeting is free of charge and obligation.

Do you offer summer lessons?

Absolutely!  Seven to eight weeks of lessons are available and strongly encouraged during the summer.